More than just clever words... 

This concept came, from Mitch's years of buying & selling, before becoming a Realtor. Mitch experienced that most agents discovered early on that it's easier to tell you, as a buyer or seller, what you want to hear versus doing the research and having the market expertise to be able to tell you, as their client, what you need to know!


As a buyer and seller, Mitch wished Agent’s would have taken the time to educate him, to help Mitch make informed decisions and to have just made it easier for him, as their client.  So, Mitch applied this perspective to working with clients by making it easier for every client to buy, sell and lease properties through Mitch's commitment to be Knowledgeable, Principled and Effective.

What being Knowledgeable Means To You

What being Principled Means To You

What being Effective Means To You


Mitch also learned firsthand all of the ways that a REALTOR could have, or should have done, or more often NOT done inorder to be more effective.  Ultimately Mitch accepts his responsabilty to his clients by Helping them to better understand what's happening & why, Minimizing stress, Being proactive vs. reactive to requests & Being more efficient with a Client's time!

Now as one of the top REALTORS in the Indianapolis area, Mitch's customer satisfaction scores that on average exceed 98%, and with over 95% of Mitch's annual business coming from client's that previously worked with Mitch or from client's that were referred to Mitch by a prior client, it validates Mitch's focus on making it easier for his clients to buy, sell and lease properties is truly what most clients desire!

Most Agents ... Tell Clients What They Want To Hear Mitch Shares What You Need To Know!